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In Adobe After Effects, there is a function to automatically remove moving objects from video.

It works at the expense of neural networks and allows you to remove any element from the video in a couple of clicks.

In the spring update in Adobe After Effects added the function of automatic removal of objects from the video. Simply select the desired element – the system will replace it with a background.

The new feature works at the expense of the machine learning platform Adobe Sensei, which frame-by-frame replaces the pixels on the video. A similar feature in Photoshop worked only with static images. However, After Effects is now capable of tracking and erasing moving objects, for example, a person or car accidentally caught in a frame without artifacts and traces.

The tool is already available to subscribers of the Creative Cloud service. It will simplify the work with movies and video on post-production. Previously, specialists had to use separate and more complex programs, but now it will be enough to make a few clicks in After Effects.

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