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Concept: Condom packaging that can be opened with only four hands

Two must simultaneously press the buttons so that the box opens.

“Consent Consent” Tulipán

Argentine sex toy maker Tulipán has created a “consensus condom” – a package with contraceptives that can be opened with only four hands. Two people must simultaneously press the special buttons on the box to access the content.

“It’s as easy to open the packaging as to understand that if the partner did not give his consent, this means that he refused”

The company distributed “consensus condoms” for free in limited editions in bars and events in Buenos Aires. According to representatives of Tulipán, the idea was met with praise and approval. Later, the company plans to launch packaging for sale.

In Tulipán, we always talked about safe fun, but for this campaign we realized that we need to focus on the most important in any sexual relationship – pleasure is possible only if both have given their consent. If someone does not agree, then this means refusal.

Joaquin Campins representative of the advertising agency BBDO, which is engaged in the marketing of condoms Tulipán

The idea of ​​packing with a “condom of consent” appeared after the organization AHF Argentina, which advocates for the rights of HIV-infected, revealed that only 14.5% of Argentine men used condoms consistently. 65% used them from time to time, and 20.5% never did.

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