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Chinese browser started blocking access to the repository on GitHub with developers complaining about the conditions of work

Users assume that technology companies, not the Chinese government, are blocking.

The 996.ICU repository on GitHub, where employees complained about processing at local companies, began to block in China. Chinese users reported that they could not access it through Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi and Qihoo 36 browsers. The repository is available in other browsers, for example, Chrome.

In the repository, Chinese developers complained about the difficult working conditions in companies, including Alibaba. They discussed the 12-hour working day, 6-day working week and unpaid recycling. Users reported that they could not access 996.ICU via the UC browser, which is owned by Alibaba.

Another user posted a screenshot from Tencent’s QQ browser with a warning: “Access to the page has been terminated. According to user complaints and the Tencent Response Center, this page contains illegal content. In order to maintain a clean Internet environment, access is denied. ”

Browser 360 showed a warning: “The website you are currently visiting contains illegal information. Please close the page. It is owned by Qihoo 360. Xiaomi’s MIUI has closed access to the repository “in accordance with national laws and regulations.”

Some users were able to access 996.ICU using 360 and MIUI, but others confirmed that they could not access the repository through most Chinese browsers.

According to the source of The Verge, the repository is blocked by individual companies that want to silence criticism about themselves, and not the Chinese government, since only one page was blocked, not the entire domain. In this way, Chinese technology companies close access to employee complaints about working conditions, while the main GitHub platform remains open.

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