Boeing updated 737 MAX aircraft software

Now the company is waiting for certification from the regulator in the United States.

Boeing Corp. has developed software updates for an assistive maneuverability enhancement system (MCAS) for the 737 MAX series aircraft to protect the airliner’s franchise. This was reported by Reuters.

According to the company, the automated flight control system was thoroughly analyzed after two crashes in the series of aircraft over the past five months.

The system could have caused the crash of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Ethiopia on March 10 and Indonesia in October 2018, providing incorrect data on the angle of inclination of the aircraft. The update should prevent malfunctions of the automated flight control system.

According to the company’s management, detailed information on the modifications will be presented at a meeting in Seattle with representatives of airlines and pilots.

We will acquaint about 200 pilots and airline representatives with changes in the system for improving the maneuverability characteristics of the aircraft. At the same time, the participants of the meeting will be able to observe at the stand a simulation of flight conditions, both with the former and with the new functions of this system.Mike sinnetvice president of boeing

The updated system “was tested for hundreds of hours on test benches, as well as during several flights for certification, verification and demonstration of its capabilities.” But the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not yet verified or certified the software update.

On March 19, the Boeing leadership announced that it was taking steps to fully ensure the safe operation of 737 MAX liners. According to the company, work on studying the causes of the crash of Ethiopian Airlines aircraft goes “carefully and quickly.”

Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 crashed in Ethiopia on March 10 – all 157 people died on board. This is the second accident with the aircraft of this model over the past six months: in October 2018, the Indonesian aircraft Lion Air crashed . As a result, almost all countries of the world temporarily banned flights of the Boeing 737 Max.

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