Bloomberg: Boeing warns of the risk of diving their aircraft 737 Max

The reason was the collapse of such a liner in Indonesia, in which 189 people died.

Boeing 737 Max. 
Photo Bloomberg

Boeing will send to airlines that have a new Boeing 737 Max liner a warning about possible errors in the flight control system, which could cause a sudden dive. About this Bloomberg told a source familiar with the situation.

The agency interlocutor claims that the 737 Max liners lower the nose when the system detects the likelihood of a stream stall. Boeing will send directions to airlines for pilots in such cases, it is expected that warnings will be sent out on the morning of November 7th.

According to the source, the airline came to such conclusions after investigating the crash of the Lion Air plane in Indonesia, which occurred in late October. Boeing 737 crashed 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta. On board were 189 people, there were no survivors.

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