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10 days of Conor McGregor: completed a career in MMA, called Habib a “rat”, his wife was a “towel”, resumed his career

All this was happening on Twitter fighter. According to the media, such behavior is preparation for a rematch with Nurmagomedov.

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In late March, the famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor announced the end of his sports career. And at first it seemed that the Irishman really did away with mixed martial arts: in social networks, he advertised his brand of whiskey and talked about going to visit a motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

But then the fighter joined Twitter with a fight with Habib Nurmagomedov, which turned into insults on the basis of family and religion. After 10 days, McGregor resumed his career – the media suspect that for a rematch with the Russian athlete.

Briefly recounts the events of the last days: from the departure of the Irish from the sport to the return to MMA.

March 26 – McGregor ends his career

MacGregor ended his career unexpectedly for many admirers of mixed martial arts: even on March 19, he reflected in a rematch with Nurmagomedov. The Irishman wished good luck to his colleagues and noted that he would now join other retired fighters.

It was embarrassing to fans and the media that this was not the first such statement from McGregor: in 2016, the athlete had already left MMA, but later returned and had several more fights. Then the reason for the completion of a career was the first defeat of a fighter in the UFC.

“Hi guys, a short announcement. I decided to end my career in the sport, which is formally called “mixed martial arts”, starting today. I wish all my old colleagues success in their future competitions. Now I will join my former partners in this business, who are already retired. Pina Colada at my expense

March 31 – the beginning of a skirmish with Habib

The first few days of “resignation” MacGregor did not get involved in conflicts. But on March 31, he responded to Nurmagomedov’s tweet, where he thanked the fans for their support. McGregor called the Russian, whom he lost in the fall of 2018, a “little rat,” and at the same time advertised his whiskey and party in Las Vegas.

A few days later the Irishman repeated the insult and hinted at a rematch.

“Do not be afraid to re-fight, little fussy rat. You will always do what they tell you. ”

Nurmagomedov answered with a joke that Macgregor had turned from a professional fighter into a Twitter warrior.

“Money comes and goes. And the honor that you lost that evening, never return. Live with it. Have you finished your career in MMA, but started your career on Twitter? ”

April 2 – McGregor jokes about the “towel”

On April 2, Nurmagomedov met with students of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. At the meeting, the Russian skeptically commented on the statement about the end of McGregor’s career: “Conor is like a jealous wife, who constantly says that she is leaving, but then returns.”

The Irishman responded by publishing a photo from Habib’s wedding, where he is sitting with his wife, whose face is covered according to Muslim tradition. “Buddy, your wife is a towel,” the fighter wrote. A few minutes later he deleted the tweet, but he managed to disperse on social networks.

At first, Nurmagomedov did not comment on the joke. But his manager Ali Abdel-Aziz spoke for him.

“This guy is talking nonsense, insulting someone else’s wife, laughing at religion and faith. He does not even understand that insults 1.5 billion Muslims. Religion and family – taboo, do not touch it. Let’s see what the media will say now. Conor, you ****** [end]. You are a rapist and a bastard “Ali Abdel-Azizmanager Habiba Nurmagomedova

April 3 – MacGregor compares Habib’s wife to a goat

The next day, MacGregor recalled how he hit his brother Habib Abubakar Nurmagomedov. This happened after the fall of the Irish and Russian fights, when there was a scuffle involving both teams.

Conor soon deleted the tweet again, but published another — again about the opponent’s wife: “Subject twist: a goat under the towel.” This tweet MacGregor also deleted.

This time Habib answered the Irishman himself. First, he called McGregor a rapist, and then said that he was now “not safe.” The “rapist” phrase is a reference to what Conor is suspected of having sexually abused in Ireland. This became known on the day of the end of McGregor’s career.

“If you think that you can touch a whole religion and stay safe, then you are wrong”

The UFC chapter Dana White had to intervene in the conflict: he called thesituation “unacceptable” and promised to take action.

April 4 – McGregor Renews Career

April 3, MacGregor published his photo on the background of the recording of his battle with the signature “Surprise Surprise.” It was a hint of return. The footage behind the fighter is the moment when the Irishman defeated Nate Diaz and shouted: “Surprise surprise! The king is back. “

The next day, McGregor announced the return of MMA officially. The media suggests that the whole story of leaving sports and the conflict in social networks was a “heated interest” in a potential replay of the Conor-Habib fight. Last time, events developed in a similar way .

“I want to continue to move forward with my fans from different religions and parts of the world. All religions challenge us to become the best version of ourselves. This is one world, and it is for everyone. See you in Octagon

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