Tesla will pay $ 31 thousand fine for violation of the conditions of storage of hazardous waste at a plant in California

The company will also purchase emergency response equipment for the local fire brigade.

Tesla has entered into a settlement agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency for violating the storage conditions for hazardous waste. This was announced by The Verge with reference to the press release of the state body. Violations were discovered at the company’s plant in the city of Fremont (California) in 2017.

Tesla will pay a fine in the amount of 31 thousand dollars, and will also buy emergency response equipment worth 55 thousand dollars to the Fremont fire brigade.

Violations were discovered during two unexpected inspections at the Tesla plant in Fremont in November and December 2017. The agency stated that the company violated the Law on the conservation and restoration of resources in three ways: it did not comply with the standards for emissions into the atmosphere, did not fulfill the requirements for the distribution of hazardous waste and did not distribute hazardous solid waste.

The agency accused Tesla of not removing flammable paints and solvent mixtures, leaving two containers with hazardous waste open without a protective mechanism and violating air emission standards using three unpressurized waste transfer lines.

In 2010, the company paid a fine of 275 thousand dollars after failing to certify the original Tesla Roadster. In 2013, Tesla paid $ 71,000 after three employees burned with molten aluminum. In 2018, the company paid 139 thousand dollars for environmental pollution at a factory in Fremont.

In 2018, the Center for Investigative Journalism published reports on violations of safety standards and non-documented injuries. At the same time, four anonymous employees told Bloomberg that managers forced them to walk through the sewage at the factory during the production of the Model 3 electric vehicle.

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