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Photo: Killer whale from the “whale prison” in the center of Moscow

For the Greenpeace action on the asphalt, a three-dimensional drawing was drawn to draw attention to the problem of keeping sea animals in captivity.

Greenpeace Photo

In the center of Moscow, on the square of the Nikitsky Gate, a “voluminous” pattern appeared on the asphalt, depicting a killer whale that breaks the net. The image was created by the street artist Philippenzo, it took him four days to work.

With the help of this action, Greenpeace activists wanted to draw attention to the problem of the “whale prison” in Srednyaya Bay near Nakhodka. They demanded the release of killer whales and beluga whales illegally caught there and in harsh conditions.

Greenpeace Photo

February 22, Vladimir Putin ordered to decide the fate of animals, but over the following days, the decision was never made. Greenpeace argues that during the “conclusion”, one killer whale and three belugas died in the center of juggling. According to the owners of the center, they managed to swim away, but the animal defenders are confident that the mammals have died, since they were the smallest and weakest individuals.

On February 28, it became known that the FSB had brought administrative cases to the organizers of the “whale prison” in Primorye. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio also joined the initiative to free animals – he signed a petition demanding the release of animals.

“Whale Prison”  Photo by Whale Watching Russia

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