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One of the most popular repositories on GitHub were complaints from Chinese developers about working conditions .

Programmers collectively make a black list of companies in which you should not work.

Employees of Chinese technology companies started using GitHub to complain about processing at local companies. The repository 996.ICU for several days has become one of the most popular on the platform.

The name of the repository refers to the schedule of work in Chinese companies from 9 am to 9 pm six days a week and the Intensive care unit (ICU). Instead of a code, complaints about poor working conditions are stored in a repository in major Chinese technology firms like Alibaba, Huawei, Bytedance and DJI.

Anyone can write to 996.ICU, although it is intended for Chinese workers. For information to be added to other complaints, users are required to provide evidence of poor working conditions, for example, messages from social networks or news media or internal testimonies from the company.

Repository developers warn users that they should not take screenshots of internal data to avoid detection. Instead, they advise you to shoot the screen on the camera. The repository gained popularity in early April, when it began to be translated into English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian and other languages.

Huawei has become one of the examples of complaints about recycling. The developers claim that the company demands to voluntarily give up paid leave, overtime, and childcare leave for the sake of “large annual bonuses”.

The evidence is cited in the 2010 article of the local edition. The article mentions that one employee died in 2006 due to overwork, and two more workers committed suicide in 2008 due to excessive pressure.

It is unclear exactly who first started posting complaints about poor working conditions on GitHub, but this allows developers to remain anonymous and avoid censorship. The site is one of the most important resources for technology companies in the United States and China, so blocking it will hurt employers rather than employees.

Even if 996.ICU is closed, users will be able to make backup copies of the repository and transfer it to other similar sites. Experts also do not exclude that GitHub will simply submit to the requirements of the Chinese authorities.

GitHub is owned by Microsoft. One complaint from the Chinese government and the repository will disappear very quickly, as Microsoft will do everything to maintain good business relationships.

Victor Reverseemployee of a non-profit organization GDI, who discovered several Chinese databases

According to Chinese labor laws, employees cannot work more than three hours a day overtime or more than 36 hours a month after the end of the work day. At the same time, they should receive 150% of salary for hours of processing, 200% for work on a non-working day and 300% for work on holidays.

Despite this, there are loopholes in the laws that technology companies use. For example, employees may be employed as seasonal workers or for positions where processing is not taken into account. Thus, even line employees can be employed in senior management positions where no compensation is due for overtime.

In addition 996.ICU on GitHub repository began to gain popularity 955.WLB . The repository collects examples of bona fide companies, the working day in which lasts from 9 to 5 five days a week. The list includes WeWork, Google, Microsoft, Intel, HP, which have offices in Shanghai.

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