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Fotozhaby: The car with “spikes” of icicles in Obninsk

The snapshot of 2016 reached the West – and there the car was turned into a vehicle from Mad Max.

In 2016, a photo of a snow-covered car spread in Russia , in the hull of which dozens of icicles were stuck. The car was in Obninsk near Moscow – the locals told that the owners of the local garages “decorated it with a joke”. Later, the authors of the blog went to the car, who had already become famous on Pikaab, and took a few more pictures.

In the next three years, photos periodically surfaced in the Russian segment of social networks. In the spring of 2019, one of the pictures got to Reddit. Users noted that the car is very similar to the “spiked” car from “Mad Max”, and organized a photoshop battle.

Enough and other jokes.

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