Cloudflare introduced WARP – a free and “fast” VPN service.

During its development, the company used its own protocol optimized for mobile devices.

Image cloudflare

Cloudflare introduced the Warp VPN service built on the UDP protocol. The company claims that it guarantees simultaneously accelerated access to the network and a secure connection.

In Cloudflare, they explained that they wanted to make a service that simultaneously and conveniently and efficiently works on smartphones. For this, the company used the UDP protocol, which is better optimized for the mobile Internet.

In addition, Warp works in conjunction with Cloudflare servers around the world. This allows the service to provide a connection to the servers within a few milliseconds for most users.

Warp can be used through the application for iOS and Android . In Cloudflare they promise that the service will remain free, they plan to monetize it through the premium version of Warp +, as well as through the corporate segment. The company claims it will not collect user data and sell it to third parties.

Users are connected to Warp in stages. While only some of the users have access, the rest are placed on a waiting list. The company hopes to connect everyone by the end of July.

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