Apple introduced Powerbeats Pro earphones

Powerbeats Pro is a fully wireless Apple H1 processor headset that lasts longer than AirPods.

The Powerbeats Pro is equipped with an Apple H1 processor, which provides a simple connection to all smartphones, tablets and Apple computers. It also provides the function “Hi, Siri”.

Powerbeats Pro work 9 hours when playing music. This is 4 hours more than AirPods. With a charging case, Powerbeats Pro can play music for more than 24 hours. Thanks to Fast Fuel technology, a five-minute charge will last for 1.5 hours of playing music.

On the case of Powerbeats Pro there are buttons for controlling the volume and playback. It is also the first Beats headphones, which use speech accelerometers and directional microphones to improve the quality of telephone conversations.

Powerbeats Pro has no power button. Like the AirPods, these headphones turn on when removed from the case and are turned off when placed back.

Powerbeats Pro is 23% smaller and 17% lighter than Powerbeats3. Headphones are protected from moisture and sweat.

Headphones will be available in four colors: dark olive, dark blue, black and “Ivory”. Included with Powerbeats Pro are liners of four sizes.

In Russia, Powerbeats Pro cost $249.95  . In May, the headphones will be sold in 20 countries. Russia is not in the first wave. Probably in our country, Powerbeats Pro will begin to be sold in the summer or early September.

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