A former employee sued Netflix, from where she was fired after announcing pregnancy

The girl claims that her boss removed her from the project, and also criticized her appearance before being fired.

Tanya Zarak Getty Photos

Netflix’s former employee Tania Zarak (Tania Zarak) filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles High Court on Netflix, claiming she was fired after the announcement of pregnancy. About this writes Deadline.

Zarak began working as a manager for the international unit of Originals in mid-2018. According to the lawsuit, after a few months, in November 2018, she announced that she was pregnant.

After that, Zarak claims, she was removed from business meetings, and the head Francisco Ramos either ignored her or made “derogatory comments” about her appearance. In addition, according to the girl, Ramos removed Zarak from working on the show, which was attended by “a famous Mexican-American singer.”

Zarak complained to the personnel department and Ramos on the same day organized a meeting with her and representatives of the department. According to the girl, she claimed that she could work during pregnancy. She noted that childbirth should take place in May, after which she will go on maternity leave.

According to the lawsuit, Ramos was “clearly annoyed,” after which he declared that if Zarak left, this would not be a problem. He also offered her some “insurance compensation,” the statement said. The next day, Ramos called Zarak to a meeting with a personnel officer and said, “Tanya, we are here because we are firing,” the lawsuit says.

Zarak demands to compensate her for the loss of salary, bonuses, vacation pay, insurance, as well as for “pain, suffering and emotional distress.” Netflix has not yet commented on the situation.

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