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Your back is white: updated chronicle of jokes for the first of April

“Snake” in Google maps, Imgur’s “meh” button and a holographic game assistant, which softens angry speeches addressed to teammates.

April 1 is “April Fool’s Day”, when users on social networks make jokes more than usual, the media can sometimes write fake news, and brands present Easter eggs and non-existent products. TJ traditionally monitors the crazy April first and collects jokes from companies, social networks and applications – the material will be updated during the day.If you saw a joke that could be added to the fool chronicle, send it to Telegram at zhenya_zhenya.

“Snake” in Google maps and clearing the screen from stains in Google Files

Google on April 1, prepared several paschalok and draws in different applications. The classic game “Snake” appeared in the “Maps” – you need to collect the maximum number of passengers by train. You can play in the application or on the website .

Google also introduced the “screen cleaning” function, which allegedly removes all stains and fingerprints from the front of the smartphone. The developers said that the Files application now activates a thin magnetic field that protects the screen from dirt. But it was all just a joke.

NVIDIA Holographic Assistant

By April 1, NVIDIA prepared a video about RON – the virtual assistant of the “new generation”, which should help in video games. He gives advice on Apex Legends and translates angry statements from players into more “positive” ones. And this helper is a holographic one. And does not exist.

Electric car from OnePlus

The Chinese company OnePlus, known for the production of smartphones, has published the teaser of its own electric car Warp Car. In the imagination of representatives of the brand, the machine is controlled by gestures: swing to the left – turn left, swing to the right – turn right.

Spotify Disco Cover Playlist

The music streaming service Spotify has a playlist called Discover Weekly, where new songs and artists are picked up for users. On April 1, Discocover Weekly was added to it. Yes, there are disco covers and covers of disco.

Isotonic from Pornhub to restore “fluids”

Pornosay on the day of laughter relied on the “production” of his own drink Baterade (a reference to the Gotorade isotonic ). This is a sports drink that will help men and women rebuild “vibes” after a hard workout. What for? Because you need to be 100% ready at the “playground and in the bedroom.”

Imgur “meh” button

Do you see content on the Internet that is so “like that” that you don’t want to like or dislike Especially for such a day, an “meh” button was added to Imgur. It is designated as simply an arrow “sideways”

Transnational Uber Eats from the airline

In honor of April 1, Virgin Australia presented its own food delivery. The main difference from Uber Eats – couriers deliver you food from any country. The stewardess will take the order, send it by flight and deliver it to the door

Tinder does not tell lies about growth

The Tinder dating app “ presented ” a function that is designed to stop people who indicate growth above real. Want to indicate in your profile that you are above 180 centimeters? You need to take a picture in full growth next to the famous building and send it to the Tinder moderators. And they themselves have already calculated everything

Push notification in real life from DuoLingo

Developers of a foreign language learning application know how easy it is to brush off a push notification that it’s time to study English. Therefore, now a huge owl will follow the user

Beeline → Buzline

The site “Beeline” was renamed “Buzline”. With a pink theme and Olga Buzova on the main page advertising the Buzlim tariff

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