Under house arrest, Kirill Serebrennikov became the best director of the 32nd “Nika” award

He was awarded for the film “Summer” about Viktor Tsoi.

Producer Ilya Stewart (left) receives a statuette for Kirill Serebrennikov Screenshot from the live broadcast of the ceremony

On the evening of March 30, in Moscow, the statuettes of the 32nd National Award for Cinematographic Arts and Sciences “Nika” were presented. The winner in the nomination “Best Director” was Kirill Serebrennikov (“Summer”).

Since he is under house arrest, the producer of the film Ilya Stuart received the award for him.

Great honor to receive this prize. I wish all of us that this would be the last time that the great artist Kirill Serebrennikov does not go personally for his prize.

Ilya Stuartproducer

The picture “Summer” tells the story of the acquaintance and relationship of Viktor Tsoi, Mike Naumenko and his wife Natalya, as well as the formation of the Leningrad rock club. Serebrennikov, accused of embezzling budget funds, mounted the picture while under house arrest.

In addition to the director’s award, the film “Summer” received several technical figurines, and the musician who played Naumenko Roma the Beast was marked as the “Discovery of the Year.”

Winners of the 32nd “Nika” Award

  • “The Best Feature Film” – “Anna’s War” (directed by Alexey Fedorchenko)
  • “The Best Film of the CIS and Baltic States” – “Crystal” (Belarus, director Daria Zhuk)
  • “The best non-fiction film” – “Parajanov Tarkovsky Antipenko. Chiaroscuro (directed by Andrey Osipov)
  • “The best animated film” – “You know, Mom, where have I been?” (Director Levan Gabriadze)
  • “The best director’s work” – Kirill Serebrennikov (“Summer”)
  • “Best Male Role” – Alexey Serebryakov (“Van Gogi”), Evgeny Tsyganov (“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”)
  • “The best female role” – Martha Kozlova (“Anna’s War”)
  • “Best male supporting role” – Yuri Kuznetsov (“The man who surprised everyone”)
  • “The best female supporting role” – Elena Koreneva (“Van Gogi”)
  • “Discovery of the Year” – Roma the Beast (“Summer”)
  • “The best work of the editing director” – Yuri Karikh (“Summer”)
  • “The Best Scenario Work” – Avdotya Smirnova, Anna Parmas, Pavel Basinsky (“The Story of a single appointment”)
  • “Best Cinematography” – Yuri Klimenko (“Van Gogi”)
  • “The best music for the film” – Leonid Desyatnikov, Alexei Sergunin (“Van Gogi”)
  • “The best work of sound engineer” – Boris Voit (“Summer”)
  • “The best work of the artist” – Elena Okopnaya (“Dovlatov”)
  • “The best work of a costume designer” – Tatiana Patrakhaltseva (“The Story of a single appointment”)
  • “Honor and Dignity” named after Eldar Ryazanov – film director Otar Ioseliani
  • “For his contribution to the cinematographic sciences, criticism and education” – film critic Irina Rubanova
  • Special prize “For Creative Achievements in the Art of Television Cinema” – TV series “House arrest” (by Semen Slepakov, Petr Buslov)
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