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RFU conditionally disqualified and fined Pogrebnyak for words about naturalized Brazilians in the Russian team

The football player apologized and said that “I did not want to offend anyone.”

The Ethics Committee of the Russian Football Union (RFU) conditionally disqualified until the end of the season and fined Pavel Pogrebnyak, the Ural forward, 250,000 for speaking out about naturalized football players in the Russian national team, reportsRIA Novosti.

The chairman of the ethics committee, Semyon Andreev, said that Pogrebnyak can file an appeal, the decision will take effect in three days. Footballer of this intention did not announce.

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, published on March 16, Pogrebnyak stated that he did not understand the admission of the naturalized Brazilian Ari to the national team. He also called a ridiculous situation when black football players play for the Russian team.

– In the Russian national team are now playing a few naturalized foreigners. What do you think about it?

– I treat this negatively. I do not see the point. Ari do not understand why the Russian passport received? With Pavlyuchenko, by the way, it was discussed. It’s funny when a black player stands for the Russian team. Mario Fernandez is the top player. But we have the same Igor Smolnikov in his position. It was possible to do without foreigners.Pogrebnyak’s answer to the question of the journalist “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

In response, Ari urged not to pay attention to the words of Pogrebnyak.

I would not say anything about this, he just does not deserve attention. It is very sad that such people still exist. I intend to continue to play for the Russian national team. I had so many difficulties that these words do not bother me anymore.Arifootball player

On March 26, at a committee meeting, Pogrebnyak apologized for his words and stated that “he did not want to offend anyone,” reports Sport.24. In the Russian team, besides Ari, two more naturalized Brazilians – Guilherme and Mario Fernandez.

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