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Residents of Latvia were asked to refrain from traveling to the coast so as not to stress the seals

Experts recalled that seals are “not museum pieces”.

The Latvian Department of Nature Protection urged residents of the region to temporarily refuse to travel to the sea, and once on the coast, ignore the seals that can be found on the coast.

According to experts, you don’t need to drive the seals to the water, touch them and make selfies with them, as this causes stress in animals. They will probably just rest on the beach and will be able to return to the water.

It must be remembered that the seals are not museum pieces and not a seasonal exhibition.

Latvian Department of Nature Protection

Over the course of several weeks, the department received many notifications of seals seen, and on March 29, 15 seals were delivered to the Riga Zoo, five of which died from wounds inflicted by dogs.

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