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Players wishing to obtain Chinese citizenship will have to learn the history of the Communist Party and the anthem of China

For the organization of the process will answer football clubs.

The Chinese Football Association has tightened the rules of “naturalization” – the procedure for obtaining citizenship. Even Chinese-born football players will have to go through patriotic courses, learn how to play the country’s hymn and know the history of the Chinese Communist Party.

The organization of the process was entrusted to football clubs. They will monitor the progress of the players and report to the association.

In Russia, unlike China, football players do not need to learn the anthem and history of the state. In the national team of the Russian Federation play three naturalized Brazilians. Among those who spoke against it was the former striker of the national team Pavel Pogrebnyak – the Russian Football Union conditionally disqualified him until the end of the season and fined 250 thousand.

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