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PewDiePie in his clip “congratulated” the T-Series on first place on YouTube. Is the “war” of channels over – it is unclear

The blogger read a rap about the T-Series connection to the Indian mafia, tax evasion and libel charges.

Screenshot from PewDiePie’s Congratulations clip

Swedish blogger PewDiePie (Felix Chelberg) released the video “Congratulations”, where he ironically congratulated the channel of the Indian media holding T-Series c victory in the fight for first place on YouTube. By the time the video was released, Chelberg had lost its leadership in the list of the most popular channels, and the gap reached almost 100 thousand subscribers.

In the video, the blogger hints that he admits defeat in the “war of the channels”, but at the same time he mocks the multimedia conglomerate that managed to get around it, and thanks fans for their support.

PewDiePie “Congratulations” clip

In Congratulations, PewDiePie noted that currently T-Series Director Bhushan Kumar is under investigation for alleged tax evasion and the purchase of property in the name of his subordinates in other countries. Chelberg drew attention to the fact that in the past the company engaged in piracy of Bollywood music. The blogger also caught the T-Series in collusion with the Indian mafia.

Chelberg said that the T-Series sent him a letter demanding to remove the clip ” Bitch Lasagna “, which became the anthem of the fight against the Indian channel, due to slander. In the past, a blogger was faced with the fact that YouTube users were trying to achieve the removal of his videos, which they did not like. In Congratulations, he notes that insults and ridicule are not slander.

At the end of the video, Chelberg drew attention to the problems of India – the caste system and gender discrimination. He asks “to solve the problem with castes first” and says that the #MeToo movement , which condemns harassment and sexual violence, has not reached India.

The blogger thanked his fans and said how much they mean to him. Chelberg also hinted at his problems with alcohol.

That’s all. Thank you for supporting my channel since I was a nobody and shouted at the barrels. This is the end of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Chelberg. Despite all the changes and scandals that I experienced, you were always on my side, there is no other such army [of fans] in the world. It was a fascinating journey, so while still being heard, this is my last brofist.PewDiePieblogger

The Verge noted that many content creators on YouTube viewed the struggle between Chelberg and the T-Series as the final battle between individuals and corporations. The Atlantic journalist said that channel rivalry actually means a war for YouTube. The popularity of a large Indian company that uploads Bollywood music videos shows how strongly corporations influence the platform. PewDiePie, one of the most well-known content creators on the site, is the “old” YouTube before it was put under corporate pressure. In her opinion, fans do not just fight for PewDiePie – they defend the version of the platform where content is created by private individuals, and not by giant corporations.

The social networks supported the blogger and expressed regret that the T-Series bypassed Chelberg in the fight for first place.

“It seems that PewDiePie lost the first place and stopped being the channel with the largest number of subscribers to YouTube. I don’t really follow its content, but I’m sad about the fact that a faceless corporation has won the individual. Friendly reminder to support content creators you love. ”

“Now that PewDiePie has finally laid out a video congratulating the T-Series in victory, we have to return it first place so that everything will become strange”

“Say what you want about PewDiePie. But he used his platform to point India at serious problems. In particular, on the caste system and attitudes towards women “

“I’m in the first minute of the new PewDiePie song and I’m at the end of the new PewDiePie song”

“PewDiePie is Michael Jordan YouTube. Although he is no longer in the first place, but, hell, is he not the best? I greatly appreciate the way he has been able to adapt and change over the past years and continues to produce high quality content. ”

The PewDiePie and T-Series standoff lasted from October 2018. Every day the balance of power changed – largely due to the efforts of the fans. In the fight for first place, PewDiePie launched an advertising campaign, hackers broke into the Wall Street Journal website, printers and televisions to call for signing up for Chelberg, and a parade in his honor was held in Estonia .

On March 27, the Indian channel overtook a blogger by 96 thousand subscribers and has not lost its leadership since that time. But after the release of the video, the gap was sharply reduced – to 20 thousand subscribers in favor of the T-Series.

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