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Jim Carrey published a picture with Benito Mussolini suspended by his legs. The granddaughter of the dictator called the actor “bastard”

The Italian tried to make reciprocal claims because of problems in the USA, but did not find large-scale support.

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey tweeted a picture that illustrates the death of Benito Mussolini. In response, he was criticized by the granddaughter of the Italian dictator and MEP Alessandra Mussolini.

The figure shows two people who were hung upside down. Kerry signed the snapshot with the phrase: “If you are wondering where fascism leads, ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clarette.

The actor made the drawing himself: he left an autograph in the lower right corner. The picture illustrates real events. At the end of World War II, Mussolini and Petacci attempted to flee to Switzerland, but they were caught by Italian partisans. In April 1945 the dictator and his mistress were shot, after which the bodies were transported to Milan and hanged in the town square. Later they were moved to the family crypt.

Kerry for his drawing criticized the dictator’s granddaughter (her account, unlike the actor’s profile, was not verified, but there is a link to the page on her site ).

“You bastard”

Then Mussolini entered into a brief skirmish with analyst and European policy specialist Evan O’Connell

“I think you confused Jim Carrey with your killer grandfather”

“Or maybe with someone from your family.”

“My grandfather fought for the liberation of Europe from people like your grandfather”

“Want some applause?”

Then Mussolini suggested Kerry to draw a nuclear mushroom , Mount Rushmore with Indians and manifestations of racial segregation . For this, some people in social networks have reproached the MEP with “ webbotism ” – a tactic of justification at the expense of problems in another country. Alessandra retweeted a few more posts on the topic, for example, about Vietnamese children and bombardment , but Kerry did not answer one of them.

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