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For the first time a woman was elected president of Slovakia.

She was supported by 58.4% of voters.

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Zuzana Chaputova, 45, was elected head of state following the results of the second round of the presidential elections in Slovakia . She became the first woman to occupy this post and the fifth president of Slovakia after the country gained independence in 1993.

A lawyer from the city of Pezinok was in the lead in most constituencies. Immediately after summing up, she stated that she intended to work in the interests of rallying the citizens of Slovakia, and with the first foreign visit she would go to the Czech Republic. It is expected that it will continue its policy of restraint towards Russia.

Her campaign Chaputov led under the slogan “Stand up against evil.” According to her, the election results should show “that such values ​​as humanism, solidarity and truth are important for Slovak society”.

In December 2017, Chaputova joined the liberal party Progressive Slovakia, and left its ranks in March 2019 to participate in the presidential election as an independent candidate. Her name in the country became known in connection with the case she won against the creation of a landfill on the outskirts of Pezinka. She considers conservation of the environment to be one of her priorities at the head of state.

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