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Facebook news feed began to explain itself. Now you can find out why a specific post appeared in it.

Until now, she worked only with advertising records.

The Facebook news feature has a feature called “Why do I see it?”, Which allows you to find out the reasons for displaying a particular entry. In addition, with its help, you can adjust the frequency of similar posts in the future.

The function “Why I see it?” Can be called via the context menu in the right corner of the publication. After that, the social network will show, on the basis of what it added the post to the tape, how many times the user has contacted the author’s records in the past, what type of content is more like, and lead factors of the publication’s popularity.

What does “Why I see it look like?” Facebook Screenshot 

With the help of the new function it will also be possible to control whether similar posts will appear in the feed in the future. For example, the social network will offer to unsubscribe or hide the record.

“Why do I see it?” Initially worked only for advertising publications. Facebook told, on the basis of what showed targeted advertising to the user.

A new feature will be introduced gradually starting on April 1. It should earn all users by mid-May 2019.

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