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Elon Musk has released a rap about the Harambee gorilla who was killed at the zoo in 2016 year

He performed the entire composition using autotune.

Elon Musk published the song “ RIP Harambe ”, referring to a three-year-old memo inspired by the death of a gorilla. The entrepreneur published the song through his own label Emo G Records, which had not released music before.

The creation of the song was attended by the singer BloodPop, who had joint compositions with Grimes, as well as the creative director Yung Jake.

Gorilla Harambe was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016, when the staff of the establishment decided that she was threatening a boy who had entered the aviary. After that, the network began a flash mob “For the Haramba”: its members wrote what they were ready to do in honor of the animal.

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