Apple refused to release AirPower wireless charging mat

The company could not reach the bar of its own quality standards.

Apple officially canceled the AirPower wireless charging pad project. The company apologized to all who waited for the device. This was announced by Apple’s vice president of hardware Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio) in an e-mail statement.

After tremendous efforts, we concluded that AirPower would not reach our high standards and canceled the project. We apologize to all who waited for his release. We continue to believe that the future is in wireless technologies and will continue to promote them.Dan RiccioApple’s senior vice president of hardware

Apple did not disclose the specific reasons for canceling AirPower. TechCrunch journalist Matthew Panzarino suggested that the company was faced with engineering problems due to overly ambitious plans for the device and the laws of physics.

AirPower was announced in 2017 along with iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3. At the presentation, Apple promised that the mat could charge up to three devices at the same time regardless of which area they were put on. He was supposed to come out in 2018.

In June 2018, Bloomberg reported that Apple faced difficulties and moved the rug to the next fall. However, in September, the rug was not remembered from the scene and their mentions were removed from the company’s website.

At the same time, insider Sonny Dickson said that Apple may abandon the project due to engineering problems. According to its sources, the device overheated, and this affected the speed of charging devices and led to an overload of the controller.

In addition, AirPower incorrectly passed data on charging and energy levels. In this beautiful animation was one of the main elements of the promotion of the rug.

Another problem was the idea of ​​AirPower as a device that can charge iPhone, watch and AirPods at the same time and regardless of the location of the devices. Engineers had to use a dense arrangement of coils, which led to other problems, such as overheating and charging inefficiency.

In January 2019, the media reported with reference to contractors Apple that the company had solved the problems of the rug and was ready to start its production. In February, publication interlocutors claimed that AirPower will be released along with iPad mini 5 and new AirPods.

In March, the forecast came true in part: Apple introduced the new iPad mini and the second generation AirPods . In addition to the new processor headphones received case with the function of wireless charging. The journalists decided that Apple would launch a wireless pad next to it, but this did not happen.

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