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WSJ: black boxes confirmed a crash in the Ethiopian onboard system of the Boeing-737 – as is the case with the Indonesian aircraft

The company has developed an update that will prevent crashes in the automated flight control system.

The cause of the crash of the Ethiopian Boeing 737 was a failure in the onboard automated flight control system. This was reported by the publication The Wall Street Journal, familiarized with the results of the preliminary analysis of “black boxes”.

According to the publication, the pilots could not cope with the automatic control system MCAS, which pulls the ship’s nose down. The same happened in October 2018 with an Indonesian Lion Air.

Boeing said it plans to upgrade the MCAS system to make it “less aggressive and more controlled.” So, it is assumed that the system will respond not only to the sensor, which determines the roll of the nose of the aircraft, but also to other sensors. The company has developed an update that should prevent failures in the operation of the automated flight control system.

Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 crashed in Ethiopia on March 10 – all 157 people died on board. This was the second catastrophe of the aircraft of this model, as a result, almost all countries of the world temporarily banned flights of the Boeing 737 Max.

On March 19, the Boeing management announced that it was taking steps to fully ensure the safe operation of 737 MAX liners. According to the company, work on studying the causes of the crash of Ethiopian Airlines aircraft goes “carefully and quickly.”

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