Mail.Ru Group at the meeting with Medvedev for the first time showed the voice assistant “Marusya”

The voice assistant began communicating with the Prime Minister with a joke “Summed up the year, himself and the team.”

Dmitry Medvedev at Mail.Ru Group Photo by the Press Service of the Russian Government

On March 29, at a meeting of the Mail.Ru Group (MRG) management with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the company showed its voice assistant “Marusya” and its own-developed “smart” column with a built-in assistant, RIA Novosti reports . Representatives of the MRG told TJ about the assistant in more detail.

At the command of one of the employees, the voice assistant “Marusya” informed Medvedev about her capabilities, and also told the joke: “Summed up the year, myself and the team”. The developers said that the voice assistant has “specific humor”. The Prime Minister replied with a smile that the joke “does not apply to those present”, but clarified that the assistant “chose such a joke not by chance.” Mail.Ru confirmed that the joke was not prepared – the assistant chose it himself.

Medvedev also tested the capabilities of the smart speaker. He asked her to turn on the sound of the surf. In response, the column turned on the sound of a sea wave breaking on the shore.

MRG Vice-President Anna Artamonova told TJ that the voice assistant “will help people in everyday life: transport schedules, recipes, movie theater billboards, sports scores”

The company did not comment on the development stage of the “smart” column with “Marusya”, which was shown to Medvedev.

According to Artamonova, on devices with “Marusya”, music, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, children’s fairy tales and songs will be available along with “easy navigation” and personal recommendations.

In addition, as an assistant, Marussia will be able to find answers to users’ questions on the Internet, talk about current affairs and events, remind about letters, trips and purchases. Artificial intelligence “Marousi” will constantly learn new things and develop.

Anna Artamonova MRG Vice President

At the end of November 2018, Vedomosti learned that Mail.Ru began developing its own voice assistant and column. Then the company said that they plan to integrate the assistant in all products, where it will make sense, and not only in products.

In October 2017, Yandex launched the first voice assistant in Russia, Alisa. In May 2018, the company introduced Yandex.Station, a smart column with a built-in assistant. According to the company, Alisa works on the basis of a neural network trained on an array of texts.

On March 29, Medvedev held a meeting with the leaders of the largest Russian IT companies at the Mail.Ru Group office. Among other things, at the meeting, Mail.Ru Group offered the Prime Minister to create an online platform for schoolchildren at the company’s expense. Medvedev agreed to help, but first asked to show the project.

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