Medvedev will arrive for the first time in the office Mail.Ru Group

Prime Minister’s visit was timed to the 25th anniversary of the Runet.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is set to visit the Mail.Ru Group office in Moscow for the first time on Friday, March 29, confirmed two sources in the company and another source familiar with the situation. During this visit, the head of government intends to answer the questions of VKontakte users in the live broadcast of VK Live.

In the schedule of the prime minister, published on the website of the government, there are no events scheduled for March 29. Usually, domestic trips and premiere meetings are announced the day or day.

The press service of the Mail.Ru Group and VKontakte did not disprove and did not confirm the information on Medvedev’s scheduled visit, redirecting all questions to the press service of the Prime Minister. The government office offered to wait for official information on Thursday, March 28.

Several thousand Mail.Ru Group employees, who work daily from the office in the Skylight towers on Leningradsky Prospect, are not aware that the Prime Minister comes to them on Friday. The fact that something unusual is being prepared in the office may follow from the letter in the internal corporate mailing list. It says about plans to strengthen the control at the entrance on Friday, March 29, but it does not indicate that an event with the participation of Medvedev is planned and at what time it will pass. Two days before the visit, workers began to paint the fences in front of the office of an IT company.

Medvedev’s visit to Mail.Ru Group will take place a week before the unofficial 25th anniversary of the Runet – April 7 is considered the date of his birth according to the date of registration of the .ru domain zone by the InterNIC registrar in 1994. The whole event looks like an original response of the Mail.Ru Group (after a year and a half) to Vladimir Putin’s visit to Yandex in September 2017, which was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the company and took place six months before the presidential election.

Although Medvedev is younger than Putin, the company is trying to associate itself with the entire runet through his visit. Nevertheless, representatives of “Yandex” may also take part in the event, but the questions about who it will be in the press service of “Yandex” refused to answer, explaining that they cannot yet talk about it.

Usually the visits of the first persons of the state are accompanied by a special access control. When Vladimir Putin visited the Yandex office in September 2017 , one day before the event and before it was completed, the company’s employees were forbidden to pick up cars from the corporate parking lot, asked not to lock the bedside tables because of possible inspections by the FSO, and also warned that during the visit there may be problems with Wi-Fi, mobile communications and GPS due to the work of the jammers. However, in the case of Yandex, the preparation of the visit was going well in advance, and the rehearsal for Putin’s visit took place a few days before the event.

The fact that Medvedev intends to answer questions from VKontakte users during VK Live was reported to RIA Novosti on Sunday, March 23 (the new press secretary of the head of government, Oleg Osipov, moved to this position from the agency), however, that the prime minister is going to visit the office of Mail.Ru Group, was not.

Questions for the prime minister are collected through the private messages of the separate community “ VK Live with Dmitry Medvedev ”. Comments are closed in it. It is not known who will ask the prime minister questions, however, before the key interviews with politicians were conducted by special projects manager “VKontakte” Zera Chereshneva (asked questions to the Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva ), writer and editor-in-chief of Esquire Sergey Minaev (he interviewed Sergey Sobyanin ), former editor-in-chief of Mel Nikita Belogolovtsev (spoke with sports minister Pavel Kolobkov ), VKontakte director for work with partners Konstantin Sidorkov (interviewed by Ivan Urgant ), and Mail.Ru Group co-founder Dmitry Grishi conducted an interview with Oleg Tinkov n

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