Apple showed the service with a subscription to news and magazines. NY Times and Washington Post refused to work with the company

Apple News Plus on iPhone

Apple introduced the updated Apple News app at a presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater. They added the Apple News Plus service, which provides access to articles in more than 300 magazines.

The first month of subscription to Apple News Plus will be free. Then, a monthly fee of $ 9.99 (about 635 rubles at the current rate) or $ 120 a year (about 7,700 rubles) will start from the owner of the device on iOS.

In Russia, the service is unavailable. He already works in the US and Canada, and before the end of the year will launch in the UK and Australia.

More than 300 publications have joined the paid Apple service, including The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Esquire, The New Yorker, Men’s Health, National Geographic, Vox, and Vogue. A separate subscription to each of the publications would cost more than $ 8,000 annually, company representatives emphasized.

Apple News Plus has three main screens – the main stories of the day, recommendations for a specific reader, and new materials from selected publications in chronological order. In the new service, the company introduced dynamic magazine covers that will be shown on previews.

The service will be able to recommend materials to its users even from those magazines that they have never read – for example, if they often choose publications on a specific topic.

Apple News Plus launched a year after the company acquired the Texture app with a $ 15 monthly magazine subscription. The Washington Post and The New York Times refused to cooperate with Apple because of the conditions: the company offers to divide revenue in half and does not want to share user data to create a subscriber database. Therefore, the publication fears the loss of solvent audience.

Apple video about Apple News Plus

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