Apple introduced the Apple Card service – a virtual cash card with a cashback

The company returns 2% for purchases with real money.

Apple introduced the Apple Card service with its own credit card, for the use of which it returns cashback. All operations on it are displayed in the application in a convenient form and allow you to keep statistics.

For using the Apple Card, the company does not ask for any commissions or annual interest. To use the card, simply register in the Apple Wallet app. The application will allow you to track statistics on all purchases and will build graphs depending on the categories of spending.

Apple partners were Goldman Sachs Bank and MasterCard payment system, where they will process payments. Apple explained that the company and its partners will not have access to information on user spending and will not be able to sell it.

For all purchases at Apple through the Apple Card, the company will return 3% of real money, and for other purchases – 2%. The company also introduced a physical version of the Titanium Apple Card, which will be released to markets where Apple Pay is not working. There will be no number, codes and date on the card, only the name of the owner. It will return up to 1% of purchases.

Whether the Apple Card will appear in Russia is still unknown.

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