Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch. What you need to do

4 simple steps.

The automatic authorization feature in macOS Sierra has become one of the most anticipated operating system chips. It allows you to unlock the Mac, with only Apple Watch on hand.

Authorization is possible only in the case when the apple smart watch is on hand and must be protected with a passcode.

So, what do we need

Apple Watch password protectedAny Mac running macOS Sierra Developer Preview 2

Important : for this feature to work, you need to enable two-factor authentication. This can be done in your Apple ID account or in Settings -> “iCloud” -> “Account” -> “Security”.

How to enable such authorization

Step 1 . Install watchOS 3.0 on your smart watch. 
Step 2 . Go to “Settings” -> “Protection and Security” -> “Basic” and check the box next to the option “Unlock Mac using Apple Watch”. 
Step 3 . Enter the password from the laptop. 
Step 4 . Close the Macbook cover, put on the Apple Watch and open the cover. 

Congratulations, your Mac can now be unlocked using Apple Watch.

Here is what it should look like:

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