The most convenient ways to lock Mac

An interesting feature appeared in macOS Sierra , which allows you to automatically unlock your Mac using Apple Watch. However, if you do not use Apple smart watches, then locking the computer in this way is not available.

There are several other convenient options to lock and unlock the computer at home or in the office.

Developer: Kane Cheshire 
Version: 1.3.5 
Price: . for iOS + free for Mac

Everything works very simply. Install the application on Mac and iPhone (or iPad), turn on Bluetooth on both devices and run the program. Quickly “connect” the device and get a new means of unlocking the computer.

Now that Mac is within Bluetooth reach, a line with a connected computer is displayed in the iPhone application. One click and Mac is locked, you only need to scan your finger on your smartphone to unlock.

Even from the application, you can control the playback of music and volume on your computer, quickly share the contents of the clipboard.

MacID can work with a large number of connected devices. So you can add several computers and several trusted smartphones from which unlocking will occur.

Among other features, it should be noted that there is a widget for managing a computer from the iOS lock screen, the ability to create shortcuts on the desktop to perform an action (conveniently when connecting multiple Macs).

When you try to manually unlock a computer, a notification will be sent to the smartphone, all you have to do is to put your finger on the Touch ID and the Mac is ready to go.

MacID can be used to confirm purchases in the Mac App Store and in cases where macOS requires an administrator password, for example, to make changes to system settings.

Of course, you can configure the lock and unlock the computer when you remove and approach the smartphone. There is a manual setting of the signal strength at which the Mac will be blocked. So you can flexibly adjust the lock when you remove a few meters, and not just with the complete disappearance of the smartphone from the view of Bluetooth.

The program is very convenient to use, Mac is always in a locked state, but as soon as you approach it, it is ready to go.

And one more mega twisted chip: you can set a special sequence of tapes on the touchpad or the surface of the Magic Mouse. Such a set of clicks can block and unlock the computer. For example, I set up a sequential click on each of the corners of the touchpad.

Developer: Pabix 
Version: 1.5 
Price: $ 4.99

If you like the latest chip MacID, I recommend to pay attention to the application from Pabix. The utility is much simpler than the previous one and does not interact with the smartphone.

After installing and running the application, we will be met with a quick and visual guide. Just a couple of clicks and our Mac can already be unlocked with a graphic code.

It works by analogy with the “patterns” from the Android OS. The touchpad of the computer acts as a panel with nine points, and we need to connect any number of them in a certain sequence.

To unlock a Mac, just repeat the pattern entered in the utility settings. After a few workouts will be obtained from the first time. You can combine a pattern with one, two, or three finger presses to get a complex code.

Unfortunately, the developers did not add a visual display of the entered image on the lock screen, it would be clear and original.

This is how you can add interesting and convenient ways to unlock your Mac. And how do you block the computer: no way, password, Apple Watch?

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