Selection of the best widgets for the Notification Center in OS X

With the advent of OS X Yosemite, the idea of ​​so-called widgets for the Notification Center was introduced . Such widgets can not only expand the functionality of the tab “today”, but also improve the Finder and in general any application on the Mac.

Brightness control widget

Available in the App Store This extension allows you to adjust the brightness directly from the Notification Center and the menu bar. In addition, the widget is able to adjust the color scheme of your monitor depending on the time of day. The idea is that the color spectrum presented on your screen at a given time corresponds to the body’s biological clock. In other words, using this extension, you can fall asleep faster.


All of you and I were faced with a situation where it was necessary as soon as possible to share with a friend some small file. This caused a violent chain reaction from convulsive actions: go here, click here, wait, copy, send … Now for you, we’ll do this extension for Finder called CloudApp . This small program adds a menu item of the same name to the share menu of the standard file manager. When you select one, the file will go to the iCloud cloud storage, the link will be immediately copied to the clipboard, and you will only need to send it to your friend. And in the Notification Center you can change the privacy settings for the file you just “uploaded”. Conveniently!

Available in the App Store for free .

Nice clock

Yes, this is the most ordinary clock for the Notification Center. But, unlike the standard World Clock widget, they allow you to instantly see the current time. As easy as a date. You can choose the design of your digital chronometer, as well as remove the small clock from the menu bar, freeing up space under something more important.

Available in the App Store


The popular image editor, which is not for nothing is called an alternative to Photoshop, has added widget support for the OS X Notification Center. The last Pixelmator update added the ability to use the Repair Tool directly from the image preview window, and generally everywhere where there is a “Mark” menu : Tool box).

Pixelmator is available in the App Store for 1790r .


Already beloved by all, the program is hammering a few more nails into the coffin lid of the Dashboard. With the latest update, iStat Mini has not learned anything new, but now it displays all the necessary information right in the Notification Center. A small extension displays the CPU load, the speed of the Web, as well as the busyness of the operational and physical memory of your Mac. Very, very useful thing!

The extension is available in the App Store

Memory diag

Similar to the previous extension, which allows to monitor the consumption of RAM. The difference is that Memory Diag shows which application consumes how much memory at the moment. From the Notification Center, you can quickly find out the most voracious, and in the pop-up window from the menu bar to see a visual chart.

And most importantly: the application is free and available on the App Store


The popular cloud storage Dropbox did not miss the opportunity to improve its client for OS X, and as part of the Finder extension it became possible to manage files and “cloud” actions on them directly from the right-click context menu.

The extension can be enabled in the official client settings for OS X.


With the latest update of OS X, it became possible to not interrupt your work in a specific application, putting off the smartphone and sitting at the computer with the desktop OS X. And vice versa. This principle applies to phone calls. Tweak DockPhone allows you to make phone calls from your Mac with the same convenience as with the iPhone. An exact copy of your favorite contacts in iOS appears in the Notification Center. To start a telephone conversation, just click on one of them. Of course, for the extension to work correctly, it is necessary that your Mac and iPhone are connected to the same iCloud account.

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