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Photo: The first cloned police dog in China. She started training before serving.

This is a clone of a seven-year-old dog, considered one of the best in the police of China. The study showed that the DNA of the two animals is 99.9% identical.

On March 19, the first cloned police dog in China, a three-month-old puppy named Kunxun, began training at the Kunming city police base. This was reported by thenewspaper China Daily.

Kunxun was born on December 19, 2018, a seven-year-old clone of the Kunming Sheepdog breed named Huahuangma, she serves as a police officer in China and is considered one of the best. Since 2013, Huahuangma has helped the police solve 12 murders and 20 major criminal cases, and in 2016 received the award of the “Public Security Bureau of China”. A police study showed that the DNA of the two animals is 99.9% identical.

Kunxun Photo by Sinogege Biotechnolody

Zhao Jianping, deputy general director of Sinogene Biotechnology, said that the birth of a service dog thus opens up new perspectives in this direction. “It will also significantly reduce the time for training and training animals,” Jianping added. Lead researcher for the police dog training base, Wang Jusheng, said that the cloning of police dogs is at an experimental stage.

In the future, we plan to create a national bank of somatic cells of good service dogs. They will be stored for 50 years for future use of this material.

Wang Jushenglead

investigator of police dog training


The newspaper clarified that training a dog to the level of Huahuanma takes from three to four years and costs about 500 thousand yuan. Therefore, the idea of ​​cloning was proposed, the cost of which is not disclosed. The police added that Kunxun will be able to begin his official duties after ten months of training.

In 2005, South Korean scientists announced that they were able to clone a dog for the first time. The puppy was created using a cage from the ear of an adult Afghan hound. The dog died at the age of 10 years.

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