“Supernatural” will be closed in 2020 after the 15th season

The series is finally over.

CW has announced the closure of Supernatural after season 15. Despite the fact that the ratings remain high, the channel decided to complete the show. This was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, citing representatives of CW, also the plans were confirmed by actors Jared Padaleki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.

The last season of the series will consist of 20 episodes, which will be released in 2020. The CW promised that the show will end as the characters deserve.

According to THR, CW did not plan to close the show, as its ratings remained high. The series was more popular than some other projects of the TV channel, for example, “Black Lightning”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, and “Arrows”. In addition, the show was in demand around the world and licenses for it were bought online cinemas.

As noted in the THR, during the work on the show, the actors from the main team Jared Padaleki and Jensen Ackles managed to create a successful business. In addition, they took turns directing many episodes of recent seasons.

The first series of “Supernatural” was released in 2005. The screenwriter of the first five seasons and the show runner of the project was Eric Kripke. After he left the project, the series was replaced by five executives. In total, taking into account the 15 season “Supernatural” will end on the 327 episode.

In the first seasons, Supernatural was devoted to the paranormal investigations of the Winchester brothers. Gradually, the show went towards a constant plot.

On March 7, 2019, CW also announced that in 2020 it will close Arrow. This is the longest DC comic series on the channel.

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