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The Utrecht shooter admitted his guilt and stated that he acted alone. Three people died in a tram shooting

Another man was detained with him, but later released.

Gokmen Tanysh, who opened fire on a tram in Utrecht on March 18, confessed to the crime and said that he acted alone. This was reported by the prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands.

The prosecutor’s office also added that, together with Tanysh, a 40-year-old man was detained in his house , but later he was released, since no evidence that he somehow helped the shooter was found.

Gökmen Tanysh is 37 years old, he was born in Turkey. According to the prosecutor’s office, he is guilty of killing several people for terrorist purposes, attempted murder and threats.

March 18 in the center of Utrecht shooting occurred in injury. Then they killed three people, injured nine. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said it condemns the attack, regardless of the identity of the perpetrator and the motives for its perpetration.

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