“I didn’t have time for a brain surgery”: Emilia Clark about the stroke suffered during the shooting of Game of Thrones

It happened on the set of the first season, and now the actress is feeling much better.

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Emilia Clarke, known for her roles in “Game of Thrones” and “Terminator”, for the first time spoke about a stroke and three brain surgeries. According to the actress, it happened more than six years ago, that is, during the filming of the first season of the HBO show. History published edition of The New Yorker.

On the morning of February 11, 2011, the actress was engaged in a gym in north London. She felt weak and headache, but continued to work with the coach. According to Clark, she often has low blood pressure and fainting. But that day the pain was stronger than usual.

I told the coach to take a break. Somehow, almost crawling, I got to the locker room. I crawled to the toilet, got on my knees and felt severe nausea. At the same time – the pain, shooting, compressing and piercing became even stronger. At some point, it became clear: my brain is damaged.
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The actress moved her fingers and tried to recall a few lines from the script of the Game of Thrones – so she tried to understand if she had not begun to paralyze her. A woman from a nearby stall approached her to help. Clark fainted: “I remember the sound of a siren, extraneous sounds and other people’s voices that spoke about my weak pulse.”

Clark was taken to the hospital, where they performed magnetic resonance imaging. Doctors have found that the actress has subarachnoid hemorrhage – this is a kind of stroke. The rupture of the vessel in the brain leads to the fact that blood enters between the membranes of the brain. Only after the diagnosis was established was she taken to an emergency operation. All the while, Clark continued to feel pain.

I remember the doctors said that I had to sign an authorization for the operation. Brain surgery? I was in the middle of my extremely busy life – I didn’t have time for a brain surgery. But I calmed down and eventually signed everything. And then fainted.
Emilia Clarkactress

She was operated on at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. “This was not the last and not the worst operation,” – said Clark. After she was discharged from intensive care, the doctors waited for improvements, but the actress began to have speech disorder. She understood that it would jeopardize her career as an actress. But frustration passed in a week.

My work, my life, everything that happened to me is built on the language and how I communicate. Without it, I felt lost.

In moments of despair, I wanted to end this. I asked the doctors to let me die.

Emilia Clarkactress

After spending a month in the hospital, Clark checked out and began shooting the second season of Game of Thrones. According to her, this is the “worst period” of all time in the series, because headaches continued to torment her in order to reassure that she took morphine. The actress regularly underwent tests, because she had another small aneurysm in her brain.

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In 2013, after the filming of the third season of the Game of Thrones, doctors told Clark that the aneurysm had increased significantly, and she needed surgery again. They promised that it would be a small intervention. The parents flew to the actress and waited for her in the hospital, but the procedure did not go as planned: the aneurysm broke off and an extensive hemorrhage began. She immediately had a second operation: “The doctors made it clear that the chances of survival, if they do not operate on me again, are very dubious”. She again spent a whole month in the hospital.

I looked as if I had gone through an even more terrible war than any of the Daenerys experienced. I left the operation with a drainage pipe in my head, and the pieces of my skull were replaced with titanium. Now it is not visible that two scars on the head are stretched to the ears. There was constant concern about what cognitive or sensory losses were waiting for me. Concentration? Memory? Peripheral vision?

Now I say that this [operation] has deprived me of good taste in men. But at the time it did not seem ridiculous.

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According to Clark, only the directors of Game of Thrones knew about what happened, since she did not want to take the story to the public. The only time this got into the media was that National Enquire had written a short story for which it took a comment from the actress. She denied everything. Six years later, she decided to tell this story, because she feels “at 100%.”

A few weeks after the second and third operations, I went to Comic-Con in San Diego with other actors. The fans are hardcore, so you don’t want to disappoint them. There were several thousand people in the hall.

Before I began answering the questions, my head ached again. A nausea of ​​familiar fear has returned. I thought: “Here it is. My time is up. I have twice deceived death, now she will come after me. ” I went backstage and my assistant asked what happened. I told, but she recalled the MTV interview. Then I thought that if I was going to go for it, let the interview be live.

But I survived. She survived MTV and much more. In the years since the second operation, I have recovered beyond the most baseless hopes.

Emilia Clark actress

Record of the Comic-Kona panel in San Diego 2013 with the participation of Emilia Clark

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