Huawei published the characteristics of the new flagship P30 Pro on its website a week before the presentation

The page has already been deleted, but the journalists managed to take screenshots.

Screenshot from Huawei website

On the Huawei website , information about the flagship P30 Pro, which will be presented on March 26, appeared in advance . Its main features will be four cameras and a “double” shooting video.

The P30 Pro will be equipped with a 40 megapixel Leica main sensor, a telephoto lens with 10x magnification, as well as an ultra wide-angle lens and a TOF camera, which will only be available on the Pro version.

According to the site, the new video mode will allow you to shoot videos at once from two of the four cameras of the smartphone. To do this, the device uses a primary lens and a telephoto lens. Most likely in the “double” mode, users will be able to more easily shoot fast-moving objects at a long distance. The function will be available after starting the device through a special software update.

On March 19, a video made on a still unreleased smartphone appeared on the YouTube channel of the film maker and blogger Parker Walback. In the video there is a moment where shooting of a fast-moving object from a long distance is demonstrated.

The promo page also mentioned that the P30 will shoot well in the dark due to its high sensitivity to light. According to Huawei, you can make a beautiful photo even in “extreme darkness”.

Main features of the P30 Pro
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