Disney closed the Fox division that worked on Hidden Figures, Life of Pi, and Devil Wears Prada

The first step of the corporation after the purchase of the company.

Frame from Life of the 21st Century Fox

Disney began reorganizing Fox’s acquired assets with the closure of its Fox 2000 subsidiary, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter reported .

Since its inception, since 1999, the label has released many films, some of which won the Oscar. The division focused on movies with an average budget, mainly for the female audience.

Some of the films that Fox 2000 released are:

  • “Life of Pi”;
  • “The Devil Wears Prada”;
  • “Hidden figures”;
  • “Marley and I”;
  • “Blame the stars”;
  • “With love, Simon”;
  • “Cross the Line”;
  • “Alien hatred”;
  • The Diary of the Wimp.

Fox 2000 will still bring the current affairs to the end and will release the latest release – “The Woman in the Window” by Joe Wright, whose premiere is scheduled for October. Another division, focused on special content, will leave: talking about Fox Searchlight, which produces author and festival cinema.

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