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Morphin – an application that exposes a person with a photo on popular gifs

Similar technology Deepfake for smartphones, but without realism and with a limited number of templates.

Putin as Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction

Morphin is an application for smartphones on iOS and Android , with which you can replace faces on well-known gifs using just one photo. According to the developers, this is the next stage for applications with the replacement of individuals using technology Deepfake .

Co-founder of the application Loka Ledoux (Loic Ledoux) believes that deepfake technology has introduced “something rather negative” into the computer sphere. But, according to him, there are light sides. “It’s important how you use technology,” says Ledoux. Morphin gives people a new tool for self-expression and the transfer of emotions, he said.

We believe that in the future you can become the main character of your own movie. Imagine a superhero movie where you play a major role. A few years ago it would have sounded like science fiction, but thanks to AI, we see that our technologies are on the way to this goal.Loic Leduco-founder of morphin

The main problem of Morphin is the quality and size of the gifs. As a result, you get something similar to a 3d model with a different person, not a video. It is also interesting that the photo application determines your race and gender, and in accordance with this adjusts the 3d model in the gif under you.

At the moment, the application is completely free. According to Ledoux, in the future it is likely that there will be an opportunity to buy longer premium scenes separately or as a subscription.

According to the developers, the creation of the application took three years. In the summer of 2018, Morphin raised a one million dollar investment from the Betaworks incubator, which also financed the Giphy gifs hosting.Ilon Musk – Iron ManBulk – Leonardo DiCaprio Nazarbayev – Obama

EIon Musk – Iron Man

Bulk – Leonardo DiCaprio

Nazarbayev – Obama

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