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Ministry of Internal Affairs reduced the list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs from 69 to 13 points after public comments and dog handlers

The list may still be adjusted before the end of public hearings.

The Interior Ministry has reduced from 69 to 13 points a list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs, which can not be to walk without muzzles and povodkov.Ob This was told a representative of department Alexey toothless transfers “Interfax”.

Bezzubov noted that the list was updated after the proposals of the executive power and the Russian canine federation.

At the moment, we already have more than 100 comments from the public, perhaps it will still be adjusted before the end of public hearings.Alexey BezzubovMIA representative

The new list of 12 breeds, a separate item highlighted the mestizos. Among the dangerous rocks remained:

  • akbash;
  • American bandog;
  • ambuldog;
  • Brazilian Bulldog;
  • bully kutta;
  • Alapakhsky purebred bulldog (otto);
  • bandog;
  • wolf-dog hybrids;
  • wolfs;
  • gul dogi;
  • Pit Bull Mastiff;
  • “North Caucasian dogs.”

In early March, the Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted a list of potentially dangerous breeds from 69 points. The ministry indicated that the list includes breeds “used for baiting, and native breeds that did not select for loyalty to humans”.

According to Interfax, the list includes non-existent breeds – “superdog”, “Dobermann Vladyak Roshina”. Some names were written with errors or duplicated – “bandog” and “bandog”.

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