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The wife of the volleyball player “Zenith” accused St. Petersburg ballet school of racism towards her daughter. There it is denied

A Brazilian mother said she took the child after the offer to study separately from other children. The institution called the scandal “bloated.”

Priscilla Camejo and her daughter in the fall of 2017.  Photo volleyball club “Zenith”

Brazilian Priscilla Cameho, the wife of Cuban volleyball player of the St. Petersburg club Zenit Aura Kameho, told in instagram that she took the four-year-old daughter from the ballet school Lil Ballerine because of racism. The woman restricted access to her profile, but a screenshot of her statement ledFontanka.

According to Cameho, after arriving in Russia at the invitation of Zenit, she and her husband chose dancing as an additional occupation for their daughter. At first, the child had no problems with the environment, but then some other parents allegedly complained about the girl.

Suddenly, the school director invites me and offers to transfer her to private lessons without giving a reason. And the reason was. As it turned out, some parents were against the communication of their children with my dark-skinned baby.

Priscilla Camehoathlete, wife of volleyball player Aura Kameho

Cameho was surprised that the school principal did not take her side, but “went on about her parents with racist ways.” According to the mother, employees of children’s educational institutions are obliged to pay attention to respect, regardless of skin color or physical disabilities. The family has already found another dance school on the recommendation of friends.

The ballet school Lil Ballerine responded to the accusations of Priscilla Cameho in the comments on Instagram. The institution noted that they have no right to ask to transfer the girl to individual training. According to the school’s version, the principal suggested that the mother take only one additional lesson with the teacher, allegedly caused by the child’s behavior.

We offered the mother of the black girl to take one additional lesson with the teacher in order to improve discipline in the lesson and then continue studying in her group, since the girl did not listen to the teacher and did not do the exercises.

We have video recordings confirming this fact. This offer was not caused by the color of the girl’s skin or nationality. We offered an additional lesson only for the purpose of better adaptation of the child to a new school for her, because all the children are different and someone needs more time to adapt, someone less. It is a pity that we were misunderstood and inflated from this scandal.

ballet school Lil Ballerine

In total, the daughter of a volleyball player attended four classes, at the end of which parents of the other students complained about Olivia’s behavior, the director of the ballet school Tatyana Kolyushina told RBC. “At the second lesson, when they arrived, the girl did not listen to the teacher, did not know what to do, did not do the exercises,” she clarified.

According to the Fontanka version , Kameho could see racism in the case when a Brazilian daughter sat down at the table to colorings, where a girl from St. Petersburg was already sitting. Her grandmother allegedly grabbed her granddaughter by the hand and led her away.

I act like a grandmother – in the interests of my child. Who knows why I could take my granddaughter? A taxi may have arrived, it was necessary to bring it to the toilet, put it on in the end. You are a Russian and must understand me.

Hope the grandmother of the girl who went to the ballet school with the daughter of a Cuban volleyball player in a conversation with Fontanka

The replayer Oreol Cameho has been performing in Russia since 2013 and since June 2018 has been holding Russian citizenship. For two seasons, he represented Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, and in 2017 he moved to Zenit. Volleyball player became the silver medalist of the championship of Russia and the world championship among clubs, and also reached the final of the Cup of Russia. He won the America’s Cup and the bronze medals of the Pan American Games.

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