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Meme: This is a video from a Russian DVR

Rollers with insane accidents and strange situations on the roads of Russia have long been loved in the West. Now this phenomenon has its own meme.

One of the stereotypes about Russia in the West – almost every driver in the country has a DVR installed. Initially, American police officers began installing cameras on car dashboards in the 1990s. At the same time, at first, the fitzers bought real video cameras, and only then began to use special devices. The police applied videotapes in court as evidence of the driver’s guilt.

But in the “YouTube era,” DVRs are inextricably linked to Russia. In social networks you can find hundreds of videos of accidents and unusual situations, recorded by Russian drivers. Because of this , questions like “Why do so many Russians use recorders?” Continually appear in the West . Device owners respond that they help prove the driver’s innocence in an accident.

In 2019, the Information is beautiful website updated the map entitled “What each country in the world is leading in.” The authors of the project on the basis of information in the media and social networks select unique processes and things that distinguish a particular country. Sweden has pop music, Hungary has porn stars, and hackers in China. Russia got the DVRs.

In 2018, Petersburg director Dmitry Kalashnikov shot the documentary film “The Road”, consisting of clips from DVRs. Cinema was shown at international festivals and in the American box office, it also entered the extended list of Oscar nominees.

Videos from Russian DVRs are considered “insane”: there is enough of both severe accidents and curiosities.Caution: in the commercials show footage from car accidents.

A selection of accidents that hit the DVRs

A selection of “positive moments” hit the DVRs

One of the most famous clips from the recorders was the recording of the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite.

In 2019, you can still find viral videos from Russia.

For several years, memes have been dedicating to Russian video recorders. Previously, users of social networks used other people’s templates.

“I am at 3 am / bed / video with car crashes in Russia”

“What if all these videos from Russian video recorders are an advertising campaign of a company that makes Russian DVRs?”

But in March 2019, the devices had their own meme template. On Reddit, they began to take pictures where something unusual was happening and sign: “Russian videos from recorders”. Before this, they often substitute the phrase “Nobody” hinting that either no one could have foreseen such situations or no one asked for them.

Following in the social networks presented, what would look like videos from DVRs in other countries. As in the case of Russia, users played up national stereotypes.

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