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During 2018, 128 people died in air crashes in Russia. This is two and a half times more than a year earlier.

75% of accidents occurred due to human factors.

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) reported that 42 air incidents occurred in Russia in 2018, including 22 accidents – they killed 128 people. The report is published on the committee website.

According to the preliminary estimates of the committee, 75% of the incidents in 2018 were due to the human factor. IAC said that in total in the countries of the former USSR in 2018, 164 people died. In 2017, this figure was 74 people, 51 people died in Russia. The Committee also reported an increase in problems with helicopter technology – the number of accidents increased from 11 to 17, disasters from 4 to 10, victims from 14 to 49 people.

The head of the IAC, Sergei Zayko, clarified to Kommersant that the number of aviation incidents per million flights in commercial aviation in the CIS is 4.13, in North America – 0.57, and in Europe – 0.67. “There are more incidents only on the African continent than in the Russian Federation – 6.87,” added Zayko.

“In connection with the occurrence of accidents for the same reasons,” IAC recommended the heads of aviation administrations to create a rapid response system to the recommendations of the accident investigation commission. The committee also considers it necessary to develop programs on all aspects of the influence of the human factor on flight safety.

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