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The Japanese government approved amendments prohibiting any corporal punishment of children.

Lawyers and doctors will start working in children’s counseling centers.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Japan approved the draft amendments to the law on the prevention of bullying of children. Parents will not be allowed to use any physical punishment as a measure for raising their children. Reports the edition about it The Japan Times.

If the Parliament of Japan supports the bill, then the use of physical violence against children will be banned not only to parents, but also to guardians and social workers. However, there will be no fines for violators. As reported by the Japanese authorities, their decision is connected with the growing number of deaths of minors due to abuse by their parents.

The publication reports that the amendments also imply that lawyers and doctors will start work at children’s counseling centers, and the number of such centers will increase.

In late January, a 10-year-old girl, Mia Kurihara, died in Tiba, near Tokyo, presumably after being constantly beaten by her father. According to the publication, the parents deprived the girl of food and kept her in the cold. Mia appealed to the guardianship, but they ignored her. Father girls arrested. He is suspected of child abuse.

In February, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered the government to deal with all cases of child abuse and “use all available means” within a month.

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