“The Expendables 3” was merged onto torrents a week and a half before the premiere

On July 24, a copy of the film “The Expendables 3”, the world premiere of which should take place only on August 4, hit the net. In a matter of hours, netizens downloaded the picture more than 100 thousand times. This is reported by  TorrentFreak .

On the night of July 24-25, the copy that appeared on the network is marked on torrents as “DVDScr” or a DVD screener. Such recordings are usually used for promotional purposes or for distributing films to journalists.

Often they are made black-and-white or supplied with various annoying inscriptions, so that in case of a leak, only the most unpretentious viewers are attracted to viewing. However, in the case of the “Expendables” we are talking about a full-fledged high-quality copies up to two and a half gigabytes.

At the time of writing a note on the popular tracker The Pirate Bay, some versions of the picture are distributed by 8-9 thousand people at a time. As noted by TorrentFreak, screen copies affect the rental of the film slightly, but the option in a full DVD-quality, albeit not in Full HD, can bring significant losses to the studio.

According to the media, the most likely source of leakage could be a user under the nickname Drarbg, which has accounts on most popular torrent sites. Behind this profile is a whole group of people who regularly arrange such “plums”.

A shot from the network copy of the film

However, the studio Nu Image, notes TorrentFreak, most likely will not look for a source of immediate leakage, but will try to solve the problem from the other side. In 2012, she sued immediately for 2,165 people who downloaded her film “Conan the Barbarian” from torrents, citing specific IP addresses in the documents. However, this kind of campaign of intimidation, judging by the incredible popularity of the pirated copy of The Expendables 3, did not bring the expected results.

Such early leaks are mostly characteristic of games and music albums: pirated copies inevitably end up online as soon as the disc printing process begins in the factories. However, in the case of large studio films, this happens quite rarely: the “home” release of “The Expendables 3” should have taken place no earlier than autumn.

The seriousness of the situation for Nu Image also lies in the fact that the Expendables franchise does not show significant growth: the sequel collected only 10 percent more than the original, while the budget grew by a quarter. 

However, the third film, in addition to the standard cabbage of the action stars of the nineties, attracted Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. At the same time, in August 2013, Bruce Willis dropped out of the project with the scandal, because he  had requested a million dollars for the day of filming. Then Sylvester Stallone predicted career failure for the actor, calling him greedy and lazy.


– Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone)August 6, 2013

One of the loudest “plums” of blockbusters in recent years has been the leakage of the film “X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine “: he hit the net two months before release as a copy with unfinished special effects.

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