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Screaming man with protests in France

He reminded Reddit users at the same time of Shrek and Doc from Back to the Future.

Protester on the action “yellow vests” in front of a burning newsstand Photo AFP

In mid-March, the user Reddit under the nickname xyz1337 posted on Reddit a photo of a screaming man from the protests of “yellow vests” in France. In November 2018, actions began in the country against rising prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. During the riots , at least 500 people were injured, and the protesters smashed the exhibits in the Museum of the Triumphal Arch. The actions are still going on: on March 16, the strikers began to smash and set fire to street kiosks – then the picture was taken.

Journalists also found photos of men from a different angle.

Protester on the action of “yellow vests” Photo AFP

Commentators on Reddit saw the “potential for memes” in the photo and arranged photoshop battles based on it. Users have noticed that the protester is simultaneously similar to Shrek, Alastor Moody from Harry Potter, Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future, Gandalf and Odo Sherstolapa from The Lord of the Rings. Also on the forum noted a man’s hair, resembling the hair of the main character anime Dragon Ball Z.

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