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“Race” pigeon Armando sold at auction for 1.4 million dollars – a record bid for pigeons

The price of a bird soared several times due to the rivalry of two Chinese.


The famous participant of the pigeon races named Armando was sold at an auction in Belgium for a record 1.4 million dollars (about 90 million rubles). The bird has repeatedly won long-distance flights, which is why it was nicknamed “Lewis Hamilton from the world of pigeons” (Hamilton is a famous Formula 1 driver).

The owner of the pigeon noted that “I had not even dreamed of such a price.” According to him, bidding rose sharply due to the interest of two Chinese enthusiasts pigeon races. They interrupted each other’s proposals: the previous record of pigeon sales did not exceed 400 thousand dollars. At the same time, Armando no longer participates in races – he was bought for breeding other “champions”.

‘Lewis Hamilton of pigeons’ sold for world …Racing pigeon Armando goes for huge sum after bidding war between Chinese enthusiasts WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM

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