HBO scattered six iron thrones from Game of Thrones around the world and invited fans to find them

The channel released a 360-degree video with the location of the first throne.

HBO Iron Throne 

HBO has announced on Twitter that it is launching a quest for fans of Game of Thrones. Those who wish to find six iron thrones scattered around the world.

The first one is hidden in an unknown forest. HBO posted a 360-degree video on YouTube with the location of the throne, and launched a timer on the promo site – fans can announce the discovery before this time expires.

Roller with the location of the first iron throne

After the time runs out, or someone finds the first throne, HBO will post a video with a new location. This quest is part of the promotional campaign for the coming season #ForTheThrone (For the Throne). The channel asks fans what they are ready to go for the iron throne. In addition to the quest, fans are also invited to ” shed blood ” and “create.”

Fans do not have to literally bleed to death – the channel offers to become a donor. For the creative part of the campaign, HBO drew 18 artists from around the world and asked them to rethink 18 details from the series.

March 5 released the first trailer for the last season of “Game of Thrones.” The premiere of the eighth chapter of the film “The Song of Ice and Flame” will be held on April 14.

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