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Google introduced the service Stadia – a cloud platform for streaming games with its own gamepad

This is an augmented version of Project Stream, through which Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was launched right in the browser.

Google at the game press conference as part of Game Developers Conference 2019 introduced the platform for streaming games Stadia. This is an augmented version of the Project Stream platform that allows you to run modern games in the Chrome browser. Live broadcast of the event goes to YouTube ,

The controller for Stadia connects to Google servers via Wi-Fi. To control the service, it is not necessary to buy this particular gamepad – existing controllers from consoles or PCs will do. Externally, it resembles a controller for the Xbox One.

Gamepad for Google Stadia

Stadia allows you to run games on any device with Chrome, including from smartphones. The platform supports 4K 60 FPS with HDR, but promises in the future up to 8K and 120 FPS. The company explained that they would like to increase the availability of popular games. Gameplay possiblebroadcast directly on youtube in maximum resolution.

Stadia supports Havok, CryEngine, Unreal Engine, and others, as well as cross-platform multiplayer. For example, in the near future Doom Eternal will be released on the platform. The company promised a stable online connection and the absence of cheaters and hackers. Through the State Share functionplayers will be able to share a specific point from the game – it is enough to send a link to a friend to the video.

In October 2018, Google for the first time revealed a service for cloud streaming called Project Stream. Together with Ubisoft, the company showed a demonstration of how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey works on the platform in 1080p resolution and at 60 FPS. Until March 2019, the company conducted a technical test.

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