Architecture: The world’s tallest waterfall under the roof

It is located in the building of the Singapore airport, the opening of which is scheduled for April.

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The 40-meter waterfall is the central part of the “inner jungle”, placed under the roof of the terminal of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport. It is expected that the multifunctional building, inside of which it is located, will open on April 17. In addition to the walking area, it will include gardens and attractions, a hotel, aviation facilities and about 300 shops and restaurants.

The building is covered with a bagel-shaped dome, from the center of which water flows down. The flow of water will become part of the cooling system and will be reused in the air conditioning of the building after falling from a height of a seven-story building.

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The waterfall is surrounded by terraces with 200 species of plants, and at night a light and sound show will be projected onto it. According to the architect who worked on the project, he would like to have the opportunity to build something similar in the open air – or under a sliding roof.

Charu Kokate Photos

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